Welcome to the "Jim's Papers - Notes" construction site office

Under Construction

Sorry, you caught me with the walls unpainted and tools everywhere!

I'm just getting this site up and running, but I do have some pretty pictures covering the bare walls. You are currently in the Notes section of what will soon be, Jim's Papers. By the time the last tarps are rolled up and the hammers put away, this site will also have a collection of my writing, a photo gallery and a members area.

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Currently, I have many of my photo galleries up and running (although with just a general dump of images, some of which still need post-processing) and a page for a couple of Thunderbird user guides I wrote. I apologize in advance for any unsightly holes you find on the site.

For now, feel free to take a look around at what I have done. Over the next week, or so, the remaining areas will be finished off and opened for use. Then I'll have to dust off all the content that will be on Jim's Papers and give it a quick polish... and that will probably end up being a major construction job in itself! There's always that 'one more tweak before it's right!'

Mind your head and watch where you step; things aren't all there yet!


Here's what I have so far

Photo image

Recorded Reflections

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'Writing and photography define the present by interpreting the past'
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