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Picture PlaceMat is a project started by Pete Nesbitt to create a program that builds a Web server based photo gallery from uploaded pictures. Pete is writing this tool entirely in Bash scripting. While Pete is a wiz at coding Bash scripts, he lacks the temperament to make the output 'pretty'.

That's where I come in. Bash scripting drives me right around the bend, and I value my head of hair too much to risk pulling it out in a futile attempt to kludge Bash into doing what I want it to. However, I can make the interface look pretty, and document the results.

The goal of this project is to create a collection of Bash scripts and a Web-based interface for a photo gallery that can be used on any Linux Web hosting service. Once the initial functionality has been completed by Pete, we will need to do some testing on a few hosting services. After all the back-end tools and coding are in place, it'll be my turn to build the interface and write the user documentation.

Here are the development documents to date:

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